Erich Krause Pen for Children

Erich Krause presents a new ergonomic ball pen ErgoLine®Kids for children

Erich Krause releases the world first aquarelle and gouache with the UV protection of brightness

The new paints with the UV protection technology are highly resistant to the influence of sunlight and artificial light

ErichKrause® is the brand №1 in Russia

Brand ErichKrause® remains the most well-known brand of office supplies in the Russian Federation

Erich Krause at Mir Detstva 2016

Erich Krause presented on the exhibition booth its most innovative and trendy products

Erich Krause releases the world's first modelling clay with extracts of Aloe Vera

The Collection of modelling clay with extracts of Aloe Vera ArtBerry® consists of three lines: modelling clay, soft modelling clay and bio modelling dough