Erich Krause Pen for Children


Erich Krause Company announces the start of sales of ErgoLine® series ball pens. ErgoLine®Kids model was designed specially for the age group "4+" and recommended for preschoolers and primary school pupils as the first pen.

ErgoLine®Kids pen has excellent ergonomics and a unique quality of writing. Ergonomic triangular soft grip with indentations for fingers automatically keeps the child’s wrist in the proper position for writing. Balanced center of gravity and minimum weight (6.78 grams) makes the writing process comfortable and provides the correct dynamic stereotype for a child. «Relax Touch» coverage prevents finger slipping and provides a pleasant tactile sensation of lightness when writing.

Modern trendy design accords to the high quality of safe, light and durable materials.

Replaceable refills with increased volume, innovative tip, manufactured by «Ultra Glide» technology, and bright quick-drying ink provide a smooth and stable writing without blots. Ball diameter is 0.7 mm, the line width - 0.35 mm and the line length - up to 1500 m (common pens write for 500-1000 m).

ErgoLine®Kids – best choice for thoughtful parents and their children.