Erich Krause at Mir Detstva 2016


Erich Krause presented to the Russian public its most innovative and trendy products, solutions and technologies during the largest Russian exhibition of children's goods – Mir Detstva 2016.

Mir Detstva is traditionally held in September, marking the beginning of a new business season. At this exhibition Erich Krause together with Russian partners and customers forms a vision of the next year. With presentation its new product lines Erich Krause identifies key trends in the development of its business in Russia and opens up new opportunities for strengthening the business cooperation. Each year stand Erich Krause became the center of attraction of 20 000 professional visitors from all over Russia and guests from other 30 countries.

Mir Detstva is a favorite place of Erich Krause to present its new products in Russia. And this time the company introduced them, perhaps, in a record scale. Erich Krause list of products on the Russian market in 2017 was updated radically: new series, lines and collections of goods for children's creativity.

Erich Krause presented the world first modelling clay with Aloe Vera ArtBerry®. Designed in collaboration with cosmetologists, this modelling clay cares about the comfort of the hands due to bactericidal properties and moisturizing effect of Aloe Vera. ArtBerry® collection of the clay with Aloe Vera consists of three lines: classic, soft and bio modelling clay.

The other important news was the demonstration of the world first gouache and aquarelle with the UV protection of brightness ArtBerry®. This new product has become one of the most discussed. At the exhibition visitors got acquainted with all its advantages.

ArtBerry® gouache and watercolor paints with the UV protection are produced by a unique technology for stationery products, ensuring the protection of the colors brightness from influence of sunlight.

Erich Krause also presented the new collection of satchels, backpacks, bags and pencil cases for school. In 2016 in accordance with the economic situation on the global market and due to the need to develop competence in the textile products the full range of Erich Krause backpacks and handbags production was localized in Russia. Erich Krause backpacks have been adapted to the requirements of the Ministry of Health and consumer demands to minimize weight of products. Erich Krause backpacks were approved by the Ministry of Health by the result of the research and stabilographic integrated assessment. The products were recognized as products with orthopedic ergonomic backrests.

This year the new season has opened in atmosphere of optimism and success. This spirit encouraged both constant participants of the exhibition and new visitors, who just start discovering the fascinating and kind world of children's art and ever happiness.