Dragan Simic’s Exhibition: Masterpieces Made with Erich Krause Pen


Vrbas, Serbia, April 15, 2016 – A personal exhibition of graphic works by Dragan Simic has opened. Dragan Simic is a self-educated artist who has gained recognition of numerous admirers for his unique and inimitable technique of drawing. The artist is a member of the Amateur Artists Association “Studio 5” and the Vrbas Visual Arts Association, he has also received a great number of prizes and rewards.

The exhibition has become one of the brightest events of this spring, and a lot of visitors, modern art connoisseurs, colleagues and, certainly, relatives and friends of the artist gathered together to admire Dragan’s works.

The keynote of the exhibition are birds. They inspired the author to express different human feelings, emotions, characters and even destinies through his fantastic and transcendental images.

Worth mentioning is that all the works presented at the exhibition are made with ErichKrause® Reporter gel pen. This original gel pen has been chosen by the author after he spent years carrying out art experiments and constantly searching for an ideal tool that would perfectly satisfy all the demands of the artist. It is extremely important to have such an ideal instrument at hand at any time and to be always ready to get down to work immediately wherever the inspiration casts its spell on the artist.

The Reporter has become Dragan’s constant companion and a mediator between the inner world of the artist and his personal understanding of the world and the images created on paper. The Erich Krause gel pen draws neat thin lines, which permits to derive pleasure both from the process and the result of drawing, that is marvelous masterpieces.

Dragan Simic

Dragan Simic was born in the remote year of 1957 on a windy August day on his father’s farm, half-way to the Vrbas Tower. According to the artist, that day his father just scooped him with a bucket and brought him to the light of the day out of the depth of his bottomless eyes. In the veins of the artists runs a mixture of blood both of passionate mountain dwellers of the Grakhovsky Highland and calm and melancholic inhabitants of a fertile valley of the river Sana. Love, gambling and Dragan’s determination were the reasons why he started painting. The thoughts that overfilled him streamed in an uncontrollable flow and crystallized into drawings and paintings. Throughout all the years, wherever Dragan were, regardless of the weather, the drawing has been inseparable from him. At first, when he was young, he drew unconsciously, but later, when he already was a grown-up man, he started doing it with clear understanding. Exhibitions, art associations, prizes, everything seemed to have been achieved by a decree of providence. The only thing that matters for Dragan is, as it has always been, drawing, a genuine pleasure of working, expressing his thoughts, and an opportunity to nurture sincere feelings.

Dragan’s Art Gallery of Drawings Made with Erich Krause Pen